• Fox News Discovers New State

    For the past few weeks, Mitt Romney has been steadily climbing in swing state polls. He's now leading in Colorado, surging in Florida and fighting the president to a draw in Virginia. Still, it's not enough. Barack Obama has many more paths to 270 electoral votes, and without Ohio, Romney is likely to fall short in his quest for the White House. Unless…

    Sure, this screenshot of a Karl Rove-Joe Trippi discussion of electoral college math says "North Carolina," but that is not North Carolina. North Carolina looks like this…

    God only knows how the Fox News abomination was produced. Perhaps it's the abandoned lovechild of Tennessee and Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Maybe Fox has come around to the global warming phenomenon and has drawn the middle Atlantic as it will soon appear. Whatever that thing is, Fox News is convinced that it's voting Republican, so good news for Romney either way.

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