• Tagg Romney Dreams of Being First Guy Named Tagg to Win a Fight

    During Tuesday's debate, Mitt Romney waxed eloquent about America's "culture of violence," whose existence he attributed, in part, to single-parent households. Funny, for all that's been said about the Romney family, I've never thought of it as a broken home, despite what Taggart Romney said when he was asked how it felt to hear his father's honesty questioned by the president…

    "Jump out of your seat and you want to rush down to the stage and take a swing at him," Tagg responded, laughing. "But you know you can't do that because, well, first because there's a lot of Secret Service between you and him, but also because that's the nature of the process."

    I don't think we should blame Tagg; blame his environment. If you spent your childhood years on the playground hearing, "Tagg, you're it!" when no one has come close to tagging you, you'd develop enough anger issues to last a lifetime.

    Plus, this wasn't a real threat. For one thing, he was obviously joking. For another, he'd have to get past Michelle Obama long before he'd have to deal with the Secret Service.

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