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    Comedian Andy Kindler

    Welcome to The Indecision 11, our soft-hitting — caressing, really — politics questionnaire for smart, funny people. This week: Andy Kindler, who voices Mort on Bob's Burgers, and has appeared regularly on The Late Show with David Letterman and the Montreal Just for Laughs Festival stage. His television credits include Everybody Loves Raymond (where he played a recurring character, cleverly named Andy), Wizards of Waverly Place, Significant Others and Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist. He also draws comics, is the star of a stand-up DVD entitled I Wish I Was Bitter, and tweets all manner of witticisms @AndyKindler.

    What's your earliest political memory?
    JFK getting shot. Thanks for asking. I was almost over it. Hope you're happy.

    What do you think of people who don't vote?
    The same way I think of people who voted for Nader. I'm disappointed in them, unless they were going to vote Republican, in which case I'm all for it.

    If you could meet any political figure, living or dead, who would it be?
    President Obama. He is the man. I've tried the rest, and he is the best. My dream is for him to appoint me to be the Secretary of Humor. My first act will be to make whatever Larry the Cable Guy is doing illegal.

    You're trapped in an elevator with the president. Strangely enough, you also have a superpower: the ability to make him do one thing of your choosing. What would you have him do?
    Get us out of the elevator before we run out of oxygen.

    Have you ever supported a candidate, issue or campaign and regretted it later?
    I was part of the anti-suffrage movement until I found out it wasn't about stopping suffering.

    If you ran for office, what would your campaign slogan be?
    "Kindler. Am I right, ladies?"

    Who do you follow on Twitter for politics news?
    I love Alex Pareene (@pareene) of Salon. I apologize for this answer containing real information.

    Fill in the blank: Washington, D.C. is __________________.
    …not a graphic novel about Washington from DC comics.

    Who's the sleaziest person in politics?
    Karl Rove. One day I hope he will be the sleaziest person OUT of politics.

    Who's the sexiest person in politics?
    Kindler. Am I right, ladies?

    Tell us a joke.
    Mitt Romney looks both ways even when he's not crossing the street.

    Photo by Susan Maljan

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