• 7 Reasons to Watch Tonight's Debate Instead of Sports

    By placing tonight's debate in competition with a playoff baseball game and Monday Night Football, the Commission on Presidential Debates has shown they understand Real Americans.

    Here's why we're watching two guys in suits squabble over foreign policy, instead of watching several guys in uniforms squabble over balls…

    1. If your side loses, blaming the moderator is easier and more fun than blaming the umpires.

    2. You won't have to watch anyone spitting tobacco.

    3. Don't have to mute the play-by-play announcer to make the debate watchable.

    4. There's always a chance Obama or Romney will slide dramatically across your screen.

    5. With the debate being held in Boca Raton, Florida you might spot Jeremy Epstein's grandparents in the audience. Won't see them at the Giants-Cardinals game.

    6. If you're nostalgic for replacement referees, there's always a chance the moderator will be even more incompetent.

    7. Foreign policy is actually less complicated than NFL rules.

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