• Bob Schieffer's Liberal Bias Revealed!

    Michelle Malkin, truthmongerer, has compiled a blistering expose of Bob Schieffer's top seven moments of liberal bias.

    Michelle, you are on to something. In fact, we've uncovered even more evidence that the final debate moderator is a raging liberal in unbiased clothing…

    His middle name is Lloyd, just like this guy.

    His brother Tom was one of George W. Bush's business partners. Surely part of the Schieffer family plot to undermine Republicans by befriending them.

    He began his journalism career in the '60s. Need we say more?

    He was born in Texas. But not the good Texas, which is most of Texas. The bad Texas, which is Austin, Texas.

    He wrote a book about Reagan that isn't called Reagan: Why I Love Ronald Reagan. Reagan!

    He works for CBS, which we're pretty sure stands for Communist Boosting System.

    During a 2004 Bush-Kerry debate, Schieffer failed to voice unconditional support for the invasion of Iraq.

    He survived bladder cancer, slapping traditional American health care in the face.

    Why "FACE the Nation," Bob? Sounds awfully confrontational. Why aren't you on America's side?

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