• Foreign Policy Debate Winners and Losers


    1. Martha Raddatz forever.

    2. Drones. Obama likes 'em, plus they and Romney are programmed in the same language.

    3. Bibi Netanyahu.

    4. Lists.

    5. The guy who does Mitt Romney's hair. So much perfection despite all the sweat.

    6. People who think Mali is in the Middle East.

    7. "Friends of Syria," the most Super PAC-y sounding of rebel support groups.

    8. Pat Buchanan. Doesn't he always win Boca Raton?

    9. Old Navy, endorsed by Mitt Romney. Sort of.

    10. Mitt Romney's grandchildren.


    1. Horses — especially ones that can't dance — and bayonets.

    2. Bob Schieffer.

    3. Anyone who had "tumult" in their drinking game. No one has that strong of a liver.

    4. China, which is going to bed without dessert.

    5. Massachusetts, treated like a foreign country tonight.

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    Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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