• Presidential Debate Stripping Game

    Presidential debate stripping game!

    Is it getting hot in here, or is that just the pundits throwing off steam? Either way, you'll want to get comfortable when you watch tonight's foreign policy debate… real comfortable. So grab some friends–or strangers, whatever–and get ready to play the Indecision presidential debate stripping game.

    Click through for the sexy official rules! [NSFW if your workplace frowns upon stock photography.]

    How to Play

    Each player selects three choices from Category A, two choices from Category B and one choice from Category C.

    Whoever is most naked at the end of the debate wins, or loses, depending on how you feel about being naked in front of your friends (or strangers).

    That's it! Ready? Let's do this!

    Presidential debate stripping game category 1

    Category A (choose three and remove one article of clothing for each)

    1. Romney implies that running the Olympics is essentially the same as being Commander-in-Chief, because he had to deal with all those foreigners.

    2. Obama tells someone to check a transcript.

    3. The candidates engage in a "who's better friends with Bibi" contest.

    4. Someone says 'currency manipulation' more than three times in a single answer.

    5. Obama pronounces Pakistan "Pahk-is-tahn," just like that pretentious International Relations major you hated in college.

    6. Romney blames Obamacare for something.

    7. Either candidate refers to more than one country as "our closest ally."

    8. Romney namechecks Lech Walesa, the only union boss who's said nice things about him.

    9. Romney asks Obama a question, then tells him it's not his turn to speak.

    Presidential debate stripping game category B

    Category B (choose two and remove two articles of clothing for each)

    1. An audience member appears to be dozing in a cutaway shot.

    2. Obama mentions killing bin Laden, smirks.

    3. Romney implies that the national debt is a sort of terrorist organization.

    4. Romney mentions that his dad was born in Mexico.

    5. Obama manages to work George W. Bush into an answer about wars in the Middle East.

    6. Obama makes a joke about Romney's investments' foreign experience.

    7. Ann and Michelle wear matching outfits again.

    Presidential debate stripping game underwear

    Category C (choose one, remove all remaining articles of clothing if it happens)

    1. Tagg Romney lands a punch.

    2. Romney diagrams Obama's foreign policy failings on a blackboard, Glenn Beck-style.

    3. Bob Schieffer slaps both hands on the table, shrieks.

    4. Feisty Boca Raton residents interrupt the debate, call for a shuffleboard-off.

    5. Obama is caught on camera sipping a 5 Hour Energy.

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