• What Kind of Dog Is Claire McCaskill?

    As you've no doubt heard, Todd Akin has been catching some heat for comparing his opponent Sen. Claire McCaskill to a dog. Well, Akin's adviser — in an apparent attempt to smooth things over with angry voters — tweeted this out a little while ago…

    We saw that, and we were like, "Heeeeyyyyyyy… Not only is that incredibly offensive, but it also kind of looks like fun." So we decided to put together a list of other possible dog breeds that Sen. McCaskill might be…

    * Fox (News Does Not Approve) Hound
    * POO-dle
    * Boston TERROR-er
    * Chi-WAHHH-hua
    * Labra-D'OH!-er Retriever
    * BORED-er Collie
    * TAX Russell Terrier

    Okay, those are all awful. You got anything better? Leave them in the comments.

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