• Obama Revelations Threaten Our Collective Sanity

    Mitt Romney has never abused a substance in his entire life, unless you count caffeine-free Diet Coke or whatever substance the working class is made out of. Human flesh, I believe it's called. On the other hand, Barry "Choom Gang" Obama has had a sordid history of smoking pot and cigarettes, drinking alcohol, brewing moonshine and a different kind of coke habit

    A man claiming to be a close pal to President Obama during college made contact with Republican operatives recently, ready to go public with claims that Obama used and sold cocaine in college, RadarOnline.com is reporting exclusively.

    A proposal of the man’s story was created and viewed by Radar. The document claims that there are multiple sources who can back up allegations that Obama used and sold cocaine in college.

    President Obama has already admitted to cocaine use in Dreams of My Father when he could afford it. And, not surprisingly, the Romney camp doesn't want to take the bait on this fish story…

    "The operatives close to the Romney campaign believed the man’s story would be the ultimate October Surprise but they got nowhere. People who would have taken the information to the highest levels of Romney’s campaign just wouldn't touch it. They don’t want their candidate smeared with this type of activity."

    The Romney's camp smartly doesn't want to get their white party gloves dirty with ridiculous allegations. Unless they come from Donald Trump, of course. Tomorrow, Romney's Trump card is also going to reveal some damning news about Obama.

    However, today Trump's adviser said the cocaine story isn't the damning news. Which causes many to speculate: How long has Donald Trump had an adviser and why has this person never advised him to shut up?

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