• Presidential Debate Guide to Dealing With Defeat

    CNN poll of registered voters who watched the debate found 48% judging Obama to be the winner to 40% who said Romney won. Likewise,  undecided voters in a CBS poll found 53% saying Obama won the debate, while 23% said Romney won and 24% called it a tie. Meanwhile, the Bears beat the Lions, and the Cardinals fell to the Giants.

    What do these events have in common? The fact that with just the right amount of bullshitting, partisans — of either the political or sports variety — can avoid feeling dejected by their teams' performance. Just follow this guide and learn how to never feel bad about your side again…

    Post-Debate Spin Post-Athletic Contest Spin
    "Romney almost guaranteed that Obama would win the debate on points… But if [voters] were just looking (as I'll admit that I was looking) to be reassured that Romney is something other than a wild-eyed warmonger, then the Republican nominee may have helped his cause tonight even in defeat." – Ross Douthat Yes, the Bears won the game on "points," but the Lions may have helped their cause in defeat.
    "Obama had a good night, but Romney was calm and more presidential." – @Obama_Czar The Cardinals had a good… series against the Nationals, but the Nationals were more poised and sportsmanlike.
    "I have to tell you though, I think Mitt Romney did something that was extremely important to his campaign tonight and that was he passed the Commander in Chief test." - David Gergen "Despite losing the series 4-0, the Yankees passed the 'World Series Champion' test." – Jesse Taylor

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