• John Kerry Becomes an Altitude Truther

    Though national polls have stabilized recently, Democrats are still wondering what drove Barack Obama to flounder at the first presidential debate in Denver, Colorado. As the surrogate tasked with portraying Mitt Romney during the Obama's prep sessions, perhaps John Kerry has special insight into what went wrong for the president

    Asked whether it surprised him that Obama gave such a lackluster performance in his first debate with Romney, Kerry said, "He knows he had a bad night. He just had a bad night… I personally really do believe that the altitude may have had something to do with it."

    With that, Kerry became the second prominent Democrat, after Al Gore, to subscribe to the thin-air theory. And though neither of them are doctors, I think we should trust Gore and Kerry to diagnose altitude sickness.

    After all, fatigue, listlessness and drowsiness are all symptoms Kerry and Gore have seen over and over again, in people who have been exposed to them for any length of time.

    Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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