• Men's Hormones Determine Election Results

    Yesterday CNN published and quickly took down an article titled "Do Hormones Drive Women's Votes?" From what I could discern from the reporting, women don't even cast formal ballots anymore. They just write Barack Obama's name in cursive script, over and over again on their Lisa Frank binders, and send that in to their Board of Elections in lieu of an absentee ballot. States have to accept this as a valid vote thanks to ACORN.

    Men, on the other hand, vote using pure logic. Their gonads secrete the reason hormone directly into the bloodstream, which allows them to base their decisions on a careful, dispassionate analysis of the issues. Issues, such as, who won the Illinois versus Ohio State foot ball game?

    It is statistically possible that the outcome of a handful of college football games in the right battleground states could determine the race for the White House.

    Economists Andrew Healy, Neil Malhotra, and Cecilia Mo make this argument in a fascinating article in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science. They examined whether the outcomes of college football games on the eve of elections for presidents, senators, and governors affected the choices voters made. They found that a win by the local team, in the week before an election, raises the vote going to the incumbent by around 1.5 percentage points. When it comes to the 20 highest attendance teams — big athletic programs like the University of Michigan, Oklahoma, and Southern Cal — a victory on the eve of an election pushes the vote for the incumbent up by 3 percentage points…

    The study's authors control for economic, demographic, and political factors, so the results are much more sophisticated than just a raw correlation.

    Of course, college football fans are not exclusively male, so if CNN wants to blame irrational voting solely on the ladies, they're free to do so.

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