• Ohio Buried Under Avalanche of Political Ads

    The next time you hear yourself lamenting your location in a solidly-red or solidly-blue state because it renders your presidential vote worthless, I have two things to say to you:

    1) Imagine another four years of Constitutional scholars at the bus stop parroting "He didn't win the popular vote, so he's not really the President."

    And 2) Take a moment to consider the non-stop onslaught of political ads to which the good people of Ohio are being subjected

    It would take about 80 days of nonstop viewing to see all 58,235 of the typically 30-second Ohio presidential advertisements that have aired in the last month…

    Some 17 outside groups have added their voices to the presidential race in Ohio, often with off-beat ads such as an anti-Obama jingle and a home-spun warning about socialism delivered by a Hungarian-born billionaire. The candidates themselves have carved up the Buckeye State to deliver dozens of region-specific messages, talking to coal miners in the Ohio River Valley and factory workers in Cincinnati.

    "Ohio is a petri dish," said Elizabeth Wilner, vice president of CMAG. "There is an incredibly fine-tuned battle going on for the state."

    I think, after this whole ordeal is over, that we need to erect a monument to the brave Ohioans who sacrificed their sanity for our democratic process.

    I'm not sure where it should go, because I don't think there'll be anything left of Ohio by the end of November.

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