• Should Non-Swing State Voters Be Forced to Care?

    Rep. Steve Israel is proposing a new amendment which could very well infringe upon non-swing state voters' Constitutional right to blissfully go about our business on Election Day without having to bother ourselves with the tediousness of waiting in line to vote or paying attention to the issues

    The head of the House Democratic campaign arm this week proposed a Constitutional amendment that would give the winner of the popular vote in the presidential race an additional 29 electoral votes.

    First of all, if the Founding Fathers had intended for people in Massachusetts or Texas to have any say in who served as President, they certainly would not have created anything nearly as complex and irrational as the Electoral College. So, right there, I don't like it.

    Second of all, what about all the people of Ohio and Florida? What is even the reason for living there if you don't get to choose the President?

    Swing states would still retain their importance in the Electoral College, but the additional 29 delegates awarded to the popular vote winner would fundamentally alter the focus of the campaigns. Candidates would have to target voters in states they have no chance of winning, as well as in states they have no chance of losing.

    One of the primary criticisms of the Electoral College is that it puts outsized importance on the horserace aspect of the election in the battleground states, as voters in the majority of the country tune out. If Israel’s amendment were to become law, voters in deeply blue and red states would still have participate in the election to secure for their candidate the popular vote prize.

    I don't know. Not sure how I feel about a candidate trying to appeal to all the people all over the country. Something about that just seems un-American.

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