• Bill Clinton on Hurricane Romney

    Look out! Bill Clinton has been turned loose on the campaign trail

    "We're coming down to the 11th hour. We're facing a violent storm," Clinton said. He waited a beat, then added, "It's nothing compared to the storm we'll face if you don't make the right decision in this election."

    Now, you may ask yourself: How did he do that? One second he was talking about Hurricane Sandy and the next — BAM! — he's hitting Romney and the Republicans. It was so subtle; you probably never saw it coming. That's some masterful politicking.

    Well, I'll let you in on a little secret. What Bill Clinton is doing there is called "zinging his opponent." Essentially, all you do is talk about one thing that's kind of topical, and then you twist that thing so that it's a slight against your opponent. Here's I'll show you how it's done…

    Let's say there's a big ice cream festival happening in the town where you're giving your speech. You might wanna try something like this…

    "Hey, you know, this is some really delicious ice cream we're all eating. But the deliciousness of this ice cream is nothing compared to the deliciousness of voting against Mitt Romney next Tuesday."

    You see what I did there? You thought I was going to keep on talking about ice cream, but then, right at the last second, I switched over to talking about the election. Here's another one…

    "This rock music that we're all listening to sure is heavy, but it's not nearly as heavy as the burden we'll be placing on middle class tax payers if Mitt Romney continues to extend tax benefits to the one percent."

    And another…

    "You know, these dinosaurs that that attacking this biodome sure are scary. But they're not half as scary as the Romney/Ryan plan for dismantling Medicare."

    As you can see, there's nary an imaginable situation that can't be turned into an opportunity for a useful Clinton-approved political zinging!

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