• Obama vs. Romney: The Hurricane Empathy-Off

    Stupid hurricane. The election is a week away, and planet Earth's wind patterns (or, you know, the gays) have thrown a monkey wrench into Obama and Romney's plans to keep attacking each other. But who's done a better job at shedding negativity and compassionately reaching out to Americans during a time of crisis?

    Mr. President, you're up first

    "This is going to be a big storm, this is going to be a difficult storm," the president said in a statement to reporters. But he added, "We will clean up and we will get through this."

    Nice. Serious, authoritative, cautionary but optimistic. And you avoided the all-too-easy Bill Clinton tactic of comparing your opponent to a life-threatening natural disaster.

    And Governor Romney?

    [Romney told supporters in Ohio,] "I would like to ask you here today to think about making a contribution to the Red Cross or to another relief agency to be of help, if you possibly can, to help those who are in harm's way."

    Again, well done! A nice, empathetic come-together message in a time of national crisis. Bonus points for acknowledging that hurricanes, unlike a lack of health insurance, can kill people.

    Honestly, I think they've both addressed this disaster with grace and eloquence; I can't pick a winner. A loser, on the other hand, might be easier

    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie says people who ignore Hurricane Sandy warnings and evacuation orders are "both stupid and selfish."

    Can always count on Chris.

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