• President Obama Prophesies Great War in GOP After Election

    Blood. So much blood. Rivers of sanguine gore rolling down the right side of the Capitol Hill steps. Social conservatives tearing the entrails from the steaming warm abdomens of fiscal conservatives with great barbaric yawps. Randian soldiers pummeling the faces of their evangelical brethren into a rich silty goo beneath marble busts of Ronald Reagan.

    All of these visions, Barack Obama has foreseen, and so they shall come to pass. That is, assuming Obama is able to win next week

    President Barack Obama said in an interview Monday that the Republican party would have to overcome an internal war if he were reelected, but expressed hope that the partisan gridlock in Washington could come to an end…

    "The question’s going to be, how do Republicans react post-election?" he continued. "Because there’s going to be a war going on inside that party. It just hasn’t broken up. It’s been unified in opposition to me."…

    Asked by host Joe Scarborough what would be different if, in a second term, Obama was once again dealing with a Republican majority in the House, the president expressed more optimism that Democrats and Republicans would come together to tackle the debt and deficit.

    So, he also envisions "Democrats and Republicans [coming] together to tackle the debt and deficit," does he? Well, I wouldn't worry about the other predictions too much, in that case. They're obviously figments of an overactive imagination.

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