• Donald Trump Extends Obama's Deadline Due to Natural Disaster

    There's an old saying that you can't polish a turd, but that polish has never met Donald Trump.

    Hot on the devastating coattails of Hurricane Sandy, Trump announced he would give President Obama a brief reprieve from last week's who-the-frick-cares triple-dog-dare

    Because of the devastating hurricane, the mogul tweeted Tuesday that he is extending his offer to President Barack Obama to donate $5 million to charity if the president produces his college records and passport application.

    Trump said last week that the deadline for an answer from Obama was Wednesday at 5 p.m. Now he’s extended it until Thursday at noon.

    No one can deny that Trump is acting with a grace usually seen only in the murky waters of unflushed Grand Central toilets. He knows tending to the immediate and life-altering needs of East Coasters is what our President should be doing. And bless him for that. Trump's 19-hour extension lets everyone in danger of drowning in contaminated flood water breathe easy.

    Let's face it, there could be some useful information in those college transcripts. Maybe President Obama aced Underwater Basket-weaving 101, which means he could swim into downtown Manhattan and rebuild it with bamboo strips.

    Oh, and listen to this: We've received word of even more polish on the Trump turd. As birthers like Trump have taught us, perpetuating unlikely conspiracies with no basis in reality can do wonders to make them seem more legitimate. In that vein, this morning Twitter decided Donald Trump is going to donate that $5 million to the Red Cross instead, no strings attached. You know, just like a real boy. Thanks, Donald!

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