• QUIZ: Campaign Setback or Hurricane Damage?

    Hurricane Sandy has upset the final days of the campaign cycle (not to mention Donald Trump's stupid nonsensical Obama bargain thing). As the candidates survey the storm's aftermath, can you tell whether they're referring to campaign blunders or hurricane damage?

    1. "The damage is extensive but… we probably have gotten through this better than some people might have thought." This was:

    a) Michael Bloomberg referring to the wreckage of Hurricane Sandy.
    b) Richard Mourdock commenting on the fallout from his comments about rape.

    2. "Of course, I want to help all Americans, all Americans, have a bright and prosperous future." This was:

    a) Mitt Romney on how best to implement hurricane relief.
    b) Mitt Romney explaining his "47%" comments.

    3. "I'm not worried about the impact on the election." This was:

    a) President Obama discussing hurricane damage.
    b) President Obama discussing his Denver debate performance.

    4. "It could be bad, or it could be devastation." This was:

    a) A Romney adviser on the candidate's prospects among Latino voters.
    b) A Coast Guard serviceman on the aftermath of Sandy.

    5. "Ultimately, as commander in chief, I'm responsible, and I don't shy away from that responsibility." This was:

    a) Obama discussing his hurricane relief preparation.
    b) Obama on his shifting explanations for the violence in Libya.

    6. "There are families in harm's way that will be hurt — either in their possessions or perhaps in something more severe." This was:

    a) Mitt Romney on his health care policies' effects on the middle class.
    b) Mitt Romney predicting hurricane damage.

    7. "The president has been all over this and he deserves great credit." This was:

    a) Chris Christie praising Obama's Hurricane Sandy response.
    b) Chris Christie praising Obama's troop withdrawal from Iraq.
    c) Chris Christie after being body-snatched by some sort of alien life form.


    1: a. 2: b. 3: a. 4: b. 5: b. 6: b. 7: a (we think).

    Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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