• Hurricane Sandy Is Destroying America

    It's really a shame.   Insert Candidate Here   came so close!   Insert Candidate Here   was totally going to win this thing. But then Hurricane Sandy came along and   Insert Unlikely Though Imaginative Rationalization Here  , and now we're all going to have to deal with four years of   Insert Dubious Straw Man Belief About Opponent's Policies Here.

    This is truly a sad day for America

    Given how close this election is, it won’t be surprising if the losing side ends up blaming Sandy, whether it’s fair or not. You could argue that Sandy has both elevated the president and stopped the momentum narrative for Romney. But you could also contend that Sandy has kept the president off the campaign trail for at least three days.

    Just like Kerry partisans blamed bin Laden video in ’04, Bush folks blamed the DUI story in ’00 and McCain folks blamed Lehman collapse in ’08, Sandy will get the blame from the losing side, period.

    I don't care what the polls say.   Insert Other Candidate Here   is not my president because   Insert Nonsensical Xenophobic Conspiracy Theory Here  .

    (via Political Wire)

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