• Fox News Contributor Literally Steals Candy from Children [VIDEO]

    Some things are as easy taking candy from a baby. Unfortunately for Steven Crowder — a conservative blogger, comedian and Fox News contributor — explaining the distributional effects of Obama's tax policy are not one of those things.

    Yet Crowder attempted to do just that, by dressing up in what appears to be a pedo-bear costume and filming himself stealing candy from children who approached his van, in an effort to make light of progressive taxation. Or so one hopes…

    After being featured on Fox News yesterday, as "Steven Crowder Teaches Kids Lesson in Redistribution, Halloween Candy Style," the  video garnered more than 560,000 views, much to the delight of viewers who think Crowder mocking, "Is that your costume? You didn't make that shirt, you didn't build that," was a valid critique of public spending on roads, bridges and public safety. And much to the consternation of viewers who felt bad for the children yelling, "You stole my candy!"

    At least this video reaffirmed a lesson much older and wiser than critique of government redistribution: Don't let your kids approach strange men wearing bear costumes, especially if they're trying to lure them to a van with candy. Yes, the fear of sexual predators is probably overblown, but your children may still end up in the clutches of a Fox News personality.

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