• 5 Signs of an Unbearable Day from Dixville Notch

    While some of us were busy hitting refresh on the latest polling results, hoping to get a hit of some swing-state survey methadone before the heroin of actual voting results became available  later this evening, the good people of two New Hampshire hamlets were already casting their ballots.

    The voting in Dixville Notch, the more hilariously named of the two towns, was a tie, five to five. Barack Obama carried the other hamlet, Hart's Location with 23 votes to 9 for Mitt Romney and 1 for Gary Johnson.

    Surely, the fate of New Hampshire's four electoral votes will be decided in Cooter's Hollow and Cockville Snatch, but what do the results from Dixville Notch mean right now?

    1. Given the demographics of New Hampshire, John Sununu may have to come up with a non-racist explanation for why some people voted for Obama.

    2. At least the recount of a 5-5 result will be mercifully short.

    3. In 2008, Obama won Dixville Notch. I'm not sure if this means liberals should panic or go about their usual Election Day activities. Luckily, mindless panic is the usual Election Day activity for liberals, so there's not much of an issue here.

    4. You will have to deal with jokes like this…

    5.  At least we finally know what the electoral equivalent of Rick Roll looks like.

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