• 5 Wacky Ways to Learn Who Won the Election

    Most Americans will learn the identity of their next president via their television or the Internet. But what if you're not into modern communication? What if you like to learn about election results the old-fashioned way: through weird gimmicks? This Election Day, you're covered…

    1. CNN will use the Empire State Building to display the presidential race's projected tally on a LED-lit screen. The Building's spire will light up red for Romney and blue for Obama — much wiser than my idea of hanging Wolf Blitzer off Empire State, King Kong-style, and demanding that he wave a red or blue flag for the appropriate victor.

    2. MSNBC/NBC has embedded an electoral map into the Rockefeller Center skating rink, a poignant metaphor of our democracy being on thin ice.

    3. New Yorkers do not have to look at buildings or down into plazas. If you spot someone who looks suspiciously like Nate Silver being beaten by hipsters in a Brooklyn alley, Romney has won.

    4. Fox New does not appear to be running any gimmicks. You will know an Obama victory by their screams.

    5. In case you DON'T want to learn who the winner is, just read the exit polls. They come highly recommended by President John Kerry.

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