• Don't Read This Post, Obama Supporters!

    barack obamaIf you are a Barack Obama supporter who is currently pacing around your office in a state of near-hyperventilation as you wait for the endless hours of Election Day to give way to Election Night and all its terrifying poll results, then I strongly recommend that you not read this following paragraph from John Heilemann over at New York Magazine.

    It's not going to do you any good

    Despite all the polling and other evidence that suggests he is on track to win, Obama could simply lose outright. Beyond the political and policy implications for the country, the bitterness of this pill for Obama personally is impossible to overstate. More than he almost ever lets on, the president wears the mantle of history heavily on his shoulders. And he knows that, if he is defeated, a narrative will arise that recasts him in the minds of many from a seminal figure to a pedestrian one, and that renders his presidency rendered a failed, one-term accident.

    Hey, I told you not to read it.

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