• HysteriaWatch 2012: Instagram May Cost Obama the Election!

    Dear people with boundary issues: If you take a picture of your ballot and post it on Instagram or the internet, you could be breaking the law, in which case your vote gets thrown out and your precious President Obama will never get a second term! (Romney supporters aren't that savvy. They just use the internet to "like" Facebook pictures of Scrooge McDuck swimming in money.)

    Voters doing this in Wisconsin and Colorado could very well find this coming around to bite them in the runoff

    Laws against displaying your ballot are motivated by concerns about vote buying, since voters being bribed might need to be prove they voted a certain way.

    While laws vary from state to state, the penalties for showing your ballot can be stiff.

    "It’s illegal to display your voted ballot and violators could be convicted of a misdemeanor,” Colorado secretary of state spokesman Richard Coolidge told ProPublica. The penalty, according to Colorado law: a fine of not more than $1000, imprisonment in county jail for not more than one year — or both.

    It's hard to not document every moment of your life for everybody in the world to not care about, but if you can manage to refrain this time, in a year from now you'll still be able to post a picture of yourself taking a birth control pill. I recommend using the Kelvin filter.

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