• New Jersey Could Extend Election Until Friday

    Imagine, if you will: Obama has taken Nevada, Iowa, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire, and Romney has taken Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. You would think that Obama would win with 281 electoral votes. And normally he would.

    Except there's one state that will be allowing a number of its voters till the end of the week to cast their ballots. So, it is technically possible the election, along with all of its negative ads and stump speeches could last until Friday. Except it would all be happening in New Jersey

    New Jersey has extended the deadline for email voting for displaced residents.

    The Division of Elections has issued a new directive that gives displaced voters until 8 p.m. Friday to return email and fax ballots. They still must request the ballots by 5 p.m. Tuesday.

    I'm not really certain that New Jersey can withstand a second storm of this magnitude. The damage would be staggering.

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