• Senate Rape Caucus Devastated by Election Results

    While the voters have not been unkind to the Republican majority in the House of Representatives, one segment of the Congressional Republican Party has been dealt a devastating blow: the Senate Rape Caucus.

    While Republicans had high hopes that it would soon be chaired by Todd Akin of Missouri, the latest projections have Democrat Claire McCaskill retaining her Senate seat. Those votes are bound to be challenged as "not legitimate" by the GOP, but election officials insist that ballots cast by women are going to be counted, even in Missouri.

    The potential vice-chair of the caucus, Richard Mourdock, was similarly dealt a blow by Rep. Joe Donnelly. Unlike Akin, Mourdock has less cause for complaint, as this election result appears to have been ordained by God's will.

    Finally, Tom Smith, who ran for Pennsylvania Senate, would have completed the caucus, with his remarks suggesting that his unmarried daughter getting pregnant was as bad as rape. With Democrat Bob Casey's victory, it appears the caucus will not have a quorum.

    Instead, women like Elizabeth Warren and Claire McCaskill will be U.S. Senators, thwarting efforts to christen the chamber the World's Most Rapey Deliberative Body.

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