• Donald Trump Rages at the Sky Like a Wounded Animal

    Or something like that. However you interpret Donald Trump's recent Twitter outburst against Brian Williams,* one thing's for sure. Rush Limbaugh no longer has a lock on being the most consistently unbearable conservative in media…




    Hm. I like the "dummy" line — it's too bad Twitter's character limit wouldn't allow for "giant stupid-head I hate you so much Brian Williams you're never allowed in my tree house!"

    Anyway, that's just what Trump left up. There's also a bunch of stuff he deleted, mostly calling the electoral results false and advocating an anti-Obama revolution. A revolution that he can more than afford, I might add. After all, he decided to keep the $5 million.


    * Brian Williams having criticized Trump as irrelevant and irresponsible, in what amounts to the kindest thing anyone has ever said about the man.

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