• Things Linda McMahon Can Do With $100 Million

    Things Linda McMahon Can Do With $100 Million

    1. Print thousands of sample Obama-McMahon ballots in which she lists herself as an independent rather than a Republican.

    2. Cloth paid "supporters" in purple t-shirts, made to look like those worn by SEIU union members, that read "I Support Obama and McMahon"

    3. Buy every television time slot in the tri-state area.

    4. Launch an EXTREME SENATE to compete with the regular U.S. Senate, if she feels like it.

    5. Buy a replica of the Senate Chamber.

    Things Linda McMahon, Republican candidate for Senate in Connecticut, Cannot Do With $100 Million

    1. Get elected.

    (Linda McMahon, a Republican who once ran World Wrestling Entertainment, was defeated by Democrat Chris Murphy in the Connecticut Senate race. She also lost in 2010,  the two defeats totaling nearly $100 million from her personal treasury.)

    Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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