• Barack Obama AND Mitt Romney Born in Kenya

    Things could be worse for Mitt Romney. He still has his health, family, home, other home, other other home, other other other home, cars (1-∞), and all the other spoils that come with face-melting wealth. He also probably has some good stories, like the one about that poor family in Sadsville, Indiana, who lost their home after the world's smallest violin factory shut down. That story will keep the Romney progeny warm for generations to come, or at least until that annoyingly slow class war finally gets going.

    This election divided the country into two sides that pitted brother against brother and Facebook acquaintance against friend from high school. Some extreme Republicans are even talking about seceding. What we need is something to bring us together again. Something to show that we are all brothers and sisters, not just rich vs. poor, conservative vs. liberal, scared of minorities vs. annoyed with white people. If no one in this country can do it, we may have to go back to the motherland. For as it turns out, Obama's motherland is also Romney's motherland…

    In a bid to forever remember the 2012 US election; 20-year-old mother Millicent Owuor has named her newborn twins after the winning and losing presidential candidates.

    Ms Owuor gave birth to her boys just a short distance from Obama’s ancestral village of Kogelo – where his father was born and his 90-year-old step-grandmother, Sarah Obama, still lives.

    You hear that, bitter Republicans? A woman in Kenya named her twins sons Barack Obama and Mitt Romney. That's poetic and sweet…and the perfect opportunity to conduct a nature vs. nurture experiment. Maybe both of them will run for President of Kenya someday. Kenyan Romney will have to answer a lot of questions about his citizenship. "Mitt" isn't exactly a common name there. Kenyan Obama will neither condemn nor condone these attacks. "Sure, he's my twin brother, but I don't exactly remember seeing him being born in this country," Obama will hedge.

    But he could really win. Mitt Romney could become President someday. Of Kenya. The mere possibility should make Republicans feel better.

    Photo by MANDEL NGAN/Staff/AFP/Getty Images

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