• Florida This Close to Just Giving Up

    Florida flagWith so many changes in the electoral landscape — equality for gays and lesbians becoming a winner at the ballot box, changing demographics giving the GOP electoral headaches — it's nice to know that some things are eternal. Florida being a complete clusterfuck, for example.

    Though Barack Obama was leading by 49,884 votes, the race in Florida has yet to be called, with election officials in Palm Beach, Broward and Miami-Dade still tallying ballots. I know those sound like Democratic-leaning areas, but my money's on Pat Buchanan. He always comes through with hearty Jewish support.

    And the long lines on Election Day and extended vote count are not the only problems, though at least this year's rundown of incompetence will give Floridians something to complain about besides their grandchildren not calling…

    …a Palm Beach absentee ballot that failed to properly display races; an errant robocall sent on behalf of Pinellas Election Supervisor Deborah Clark telling voters that Election Day was Wednesday; a University of South Florida professor who was improperly removed from Hillsborough's voter rolls because someone in Orange County had his same name; and the felon with restored civil rights who found he had been mistakenly removed from the rolls years ago in an earlier voter purge.

    For all that, we'll probably get the results by Saturday, at which point we may finally know if Samuel Tilden really did beat Rutherford Hayes.

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