• Chuck Grassley Learns About "Electricity Inventor" Thomas Edison

    For nearly a year, Senator Chuck Grassley has been remarking on the dearth of history programming on the History Channel. "I turn to History channel frequently bc I like history. There is nevr any history unless u r an antique dealer. Change name," read one representative tweet from the Iowa Senator who should never, ever change.

    "Norwalk HS 41students issues STOP Gasprices AfgNistan gaymArriage Iowa economy F16," read another tweet from earlier this year, which was ostensibly not about the History Channel, though who knows?

    In any case, there's some decidedly mixed news on the History Channel versus Grassley battlefront. Yes, the Grassley Twitter account's grammar and syntax have improved, but unfortunately, it still reflects the thoughts of Chuck Grassley…

    He's going to love the documentary on gravity inventor Isaac Newton and chemistry inventor Dmitri Mendeleev.

    True, the charitable reading of this tweet suggests Grassley was praising Edison's inventions in the field of electrical generation, but are you going to give a guy who writes, "After I pulled fender rubbing on tire we continued to farm. Assume deer dead" the benefit of the doubt? I'm not. I'm going to laugh and then wait with baited breath for Grassley to discover what has happened to The Learning Channel while he's been focusing on a competitor.

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