• A Visual Guide to the David Petraeus Circus

    As far as I can tell, L'Affaire Petraeus involves a woman named Jill Kelley who was allegedly cyber-harassed by Paula Broadwell, alleged mistress of CIA Director David Petraeus. The love pentagon — represented above as an homage to every terrible PowerPoint slide ever created by a Department of Defense public affairs team — also involved Kelley's alleged relationship with an FBI agent (who allegedly sent Kelley shirtless photos of himself, for some reason) and a series of "compromising" communications (which may be a few hundred innocuous emails, not the 20,000 communications initially reported) between Kelley and Gen. John Allen, the commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan. The fact that he commands U.S. forces in Afghanistan is, indeed, the only non-alleged piece of information here.

    We don't quite know the whole story yet, but after several days of revelations (alleged revelations?) a few things are clear:

    * The media is really, really bored post-election.

    * The FBI reads people's emails on quite small pretenses and this is worrying! Your love letter to Stormin' Norman Schwarzkopf is not secure.

    * We should quarantine Tampa, Florida, home of CENTCOM and all things tawdry.

    * Anthony Weiner and John Edwards are probably linked to this, somehow.


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