• Bobby Jindal Suggests Overhaul of GOP

    Here's an interesting idea: Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal is suggesting that the Republican Party purge itself of its politicians, fire its strategists and advisors, disenfranchise the entirety of its voter base, burn the crops and salt the earth, and then replace itself with a completely new set of politicians, staffers and voters.

    Or, at least, I think that's what he's saying

    "We've got to make sure that we are not the party of big business, big banks, big Wall Street bailouts, big corporate loopholes, big anything," Jindal told Politico in a 45-minute telephone interview. "We cannot be, we must not be, the party that simply protects the rich so they get to keep their toys."…

    "It is no secret we had a number of Republicans damage our brand this year with offensive, bizarre comments — enough of that," Jindal said. "It's not going to be the last time anyone says something stupid within our party, but it can't be tolerated within our party. We've also had enough of this dumbed-down conservatism. We need to stop being simplistic, we need to trust the intelligence of the American people and we need to stop insulting the intelligence of the voters."

    Actually, I think that's a great idea. It would be amazing to see the national Republican Party usher in a new generation of thoughtful empirically-based conservatism that would allow voters to have a non-ideological choice at the polls every two years.

    Or… they could just nominate somebody who speaks Spanish next time around.

    I think they'll probably go with one of those two options, but I'm not sure which one.

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