• The Top 10 Ron Paul Search Inquiries

    Google searches for various Ron Paul-related issues and questions continue to lead people to our website, even though the good doctor has maintained a lower profile in recent months. In November–you know, the month dedicated to the people who are still running for president–we got a whole bunch of Paulian search queries that deserve answers, or, at any rate, comment. So, if you landed here via by typing any of the following into a search engine, we have just the information you're looking for…

    1. "Ron Paul 2016" and the slightly sadder "Ron Paul 2016?"
    Technically speaking, the proper punctuation for anything Ron Paul-related is an interrobang.

    2. "Ron Paul election results 2012"
    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but he lost.

    3. "Is Ron Paul still running" and "Is Ron Paul still in the race"
    In a way, Ron Paul is always running for president. So long as one man or woman is fighting for fiscal responsibility or state's rights, Ron Paul is, in a sense, still in the race. In another much more accurate sense, he's been out since since May.

    4. "Should I still vote for Ron Paul"
    Unfortunately, that's one question that no Google search in the world can answer for you. You'll need to type that into the search field inside your heart.

    5. "Did Ron Paul cost Romney the election"
    No. Mitt Romney cost Mitt Romney the election.

    6. "Why Mitt Romney Ron Paul supporters"
    That is the age-old question, isn't it? Along with "how hockey mask thing racetruck?"

    7. "Who will Ron Paul vote for"
    It's hard to imagine him pulling the lever for either Obama or Romney. I'm guessing he cast his vote for write-in candidate John Galt.

    8. "What does 'Ron Paul' say about Barack’s reelection?" and "What does Ron Paul think of the election results"
    Probably what he says about most things: "End the Fed."

    9. Ron Paul is so old

    10. "Ron Paul would have beat Obama"
    Almost certainly. That's why Obama and Romney conspired to see to it that Ron Paul was never given the chance. Of course, the Bilderbergers' work was also instrumental in this plan. And let's not forget the invaluable contributions of the lizard people.


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