• Rachel Maddow Joke Explained

    Jokes are like elusive butterflies that can only be ensnared with a good sense of humor. Sometimes they land willingly on our outstretched hand and delight us, sometimes they fly above our heads. Other times, they should be left in their cocoon and stomped on before they see the light of day…

    Tricia Macke, an anchor for Ohio's Fox 19, took to her personal Facebook page last month to rant against the cable news personality, writing "Rachel Maddow is such an angry young man" on Oct. 12.

    I'm no professional comedy critic (aka Satan's spawn), but it seems like Macke's joke was not in good taste. Making fun of someone's appearance is really just bullying. For example: Tricia Macke is a bitter skeleton face with Skyfall villain hair. See? That's neither true nor nice, even if it is true.

    After some of her fans took offense, Macke had the perfect opportunity to apologize come up with a hilarious tag for her initial joke: "I am sorry," Macke wrote to one such fan. "I should have said antagonistic." BOOOOOM. This woman is on fire, which is good because it'll prepare her for the afterlife.

    When pressed even further, the Dane Cook of local Fox news channels (and that is stiff competition) said, "I knew what I was saying." It's hard to argue that Macke is the misunderstood comedy genius of our time, but at least she says what she means.

    Until her employers hear about it…

    "I recently posted comments on my personal Facebook page regarding cable news anchor Rachel Maddow which were insensitive and inappropriate," Macke said in her own statement, posted to her public Facebook account. "I apologize to Ms. Maddow and any others who may have been offended by my comments, as they do not reflect my firm beliefs in individual and equal rights, and they certainly do not represent the opinions or position of my employer WXIX-TV."

    Now that's comedy gold.

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