• Meghan McCain Threatens to Leave GOP

    With even leaders inside their own party calling for change and reform, Republicans did not have a great week. Fortunately, a silver-lining has just appeared over the storm clouds: Meghan McCain is threatening to leave their party. In an editorial for The Daily Beast, she writes…

    "And if we don’t move forward, adapt, and become relevant again, the Republican Party isn’t going to survive. It will just continue to alienate more moderate voters like myself. If I don’t see some changes in the next four years, I’m going to consider registering as an Independent in 2016."

    Bobby Jindal may be pushing you to be the party of the one hundred percent. And John Boehner may threaten to compromise with President Obama. But stay headstrong, Republicans! Just continue four more years of alienating minorities, women and gays and you'll finally be 100% Meghan McCain free.

    That way, you'll only have to deal with only one McCain making bold statements on behalf of their party with the sole intent of getting media attention.

    Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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