• Candidate Catch-Up: Aziz Akbari, Mayor, Fremont, CA

    Aziz Akbari mayor candidate Fremont CA

    The elections are over, which is a relief, but a sad sort of relief. Doesn't it seem like our disappointment in newly-elected officials starts earlier every year? This post-election season has been particularly hard for me because so, so many of the One of a Kind Candidates I've covered didn't win. So, so many. These baby birds never got to fly and disappoint like most birds do. Grackles, amirite? Maybe this blog does a version of the Sports Illustrated cover jinx. Over the next few weeks we'll find out how some of our favorite local candidates did, because surely they'll want to relive the cold tears of defeat.

    First up: the teenager who would be mayor.

    Remember Aziz Akbari, the 18-year-old mayoral candidate from Fremont, CA. Don't put a question mark there, editor, that's not a question. [Ed. note: Dude, I wasn't going to.] Remember Aziz, for though he didn't come close to winning, he managed to snag 5.5% of the vote, which means he trounced the 0.2% of  write-ins. Because of some technicalities the Fremont mayoral race is still being contested, but Akbari called the winner to congratulate him, because Akbari is a goddamn gentleman.

    I asked Aziz about the campaign and what's next for him, besides finishing his education and then finding a job he can be satisfied with and then meeting someone who accepts him for who he really is and then maybe having kids who sometimes act like hell-raisers but at least they aren't on bath salts. Besides that, what does he have in store?

    He says he doesn't know, of course, because he's eighteen years old. Crikey, let's just let our young adults be young adults and give them a second to breathe. But he does have an upbeat message for you, America: "My message is simple: Get involved, start young, and go out and make a difference. Fulfill your civic duties and be a part of the democratic process, not just by voting, but by running for office, working on a campaign, and/or advocating for change. Your country needs you."

    So you voted, huh? Screw you. Feeling good about yourself? Buzz off. Run for office and then maybe we'll give you a sticker.

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