• 10 Faith-Restoring Poll Responses to the David Petraeus Scandal

    Earlier this week Pew Research asked, "What one word best describes your reaction to news about General Petraeus's resignation and the ongoing FBI investigation into the situation?"

    Asked an open-ended question, the American people stepped up…

    1. Did not watch/Don't care (29 responses)
    2. Stupid (24)
    3. Ridiculous (19)
    4. Uninterested (9)
    5. Bullcrap (6)
    6. Personal (6)
    7. Unconcerned (5)
    8. Crap (4)
    9. Disinterested (3)
    10. So what (3)

    Although "surprised" and "shocked" were also very popular responses, a majority of respondents said they were more interested in debate over the so-called fiscal cliff than in the Petraeus affair.

    Only 10 people said "interested" when prompted for a one-word response.  Unfortunately, they all work for cable news.

    Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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