• Unskewed Election Results: Mitt Romney Wins in Landslide!

    In an alternate universe, Nate Silver is a broken man. He has not showered or shaved in weeks, and his teenage-quality mustache is just now starting to show. He sold his bed and now uses unsold copies of his books to sleep on. Clinging to sanity in a room whose walls are filled with calculations, he screams into the cruel night, "Where did I, the boy wizard of numbers, go wrong?!"

    In that same universe, Dean Chambers — creator of UnSkewed Polls – is still making the talk show rounds. Bill Maher has recanted, is becoming a conservative and planning to marry Ann Coulter and raise a brood of the smuggest babies imaginable. Chambers can finally afford to upgrade his website so it no longer looks like it was created in MS Paint. He is not only a new conservative icon. He is a math genius. And an American hero.

    But we are in this universe. And in this universe, Dean Chambers has officially lost it…

    That is a screenshot from his new voter fraud website called barackofraudo.com.

    It's comforting to know that even with all the bad stuff that's happened to him, Dean Chambers has continued completely neglecting his sense of humor.

    Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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