• Happy Thanksgiving from Indecision

    Thanksgiving is, perhaps, the most American of all holidays. It is a time for us to put our political ideologies aside and sit down together — Democrat beside Republican, libertarian beside liberal, Green Party candidate beside employed person — to eat, drink and share the experience of living in this great country.

    It is a time to put aside petty squabbles, to stop pointing accusing fingers at one another for defunding this project. Or infringing upon that civil right. Or accidentally downloading the wrong image from the stock photo library once again, even though, like, really, how hard is it to do a simple search and download? You push a couple of buttons. This isn't rocket science.

    Anyway, we hope you have a fantastic holiday weekend with your friends and family members — be they princesses, lady bugs, furries or re-animated monstrosities. We'll be back on Monday. See you then.

    Photo by Ryan McVay/Digital Vision/Getty Images

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