• San Francisco Bans Public Nudity

    Conservatives warned us about all the mandates and edicts to come during the Obama administration. There's a mandate to blend ethanol with gasoline. A mandate to purchase health insurance. Now, there's even a mandate to wear clothes in San Francisco. In San Francisco!

    The San Francisco Board of Supervisors voted 6 to 5 on Tuesday to approve a ban on public nudity. The vote means that there will be no more lounging nude in the city's plazas, parading up and down city streets sans pants or riding subways and buses bare-bottomed.

    Scott Wiener, a city supervisor who represents the Castro district, introduced the ordinance after an increase in the number of habitual nudists and a rise in complaints from residents and business owners.

    It's too early to get melodramatic about this. For one thing, nudity at special events such as the Pride Parade and Folsom Street Fair will still be permitted. For another, technically, peeing on a subway platform is illegal in New York City, but it's not like that stops anybody. San Francisco nudists will probably be fine…

    "Recall Wiener! Wiener is a Republican!" shouted Gerhart Clarke, 55, who stood up along with half a dozen others and stripped down to the buff.

    "Shame on you!" another woman yelled, pulling off her shirt. "What are you afraid of?"

    See, if that kind of hate speech is still permitted in San Francisco, the city has not lost its soul.

    Photo by Max Whittaker/Getty Images News/Getty Images

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