• Are Discount Abortions the Season's Hot Item?

    No. Definitely not.

    Nevertheless, some pro-life activists have reinterpreted a South Florida Planned Parenthood clinic's offer of a $10 discount on office visits as "Planned Parenthood Offers Black Friday Discounts on Abortions."

    "Now you can go shopping and then go in and kill your baby," Jim Hoft calmly explained in Human Events.

    That's probably not the best explanation of what's happening  at this West Palm Beach Planned Parenthood, but it's fun to imagine how some abortion-rights opponents must envision the mindset of pregnant mothers:

    "I was going to have this child but my 'have 3 abortions get a 4th one free' Planned Parenthood loyalty card only needs one more stamp!"

    "I've always wanted a baby…but TEN DOLLARS, you can't pass on a deal like that."

    "Meh, I'm going to wait until Cyber Monday."

    Because only if these quotes ring true does "Planned Parenthood Offers Black Friday Discounts on Murder Of Unborn" make sense as a headline.

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