• Candidate Catch-Up: Holly Seeliger, Portland, ME

    Holly SeeligerHey everybody, our burlesque-dancing, Tater Tot-hating Portland (ME) School Board candidate Holly Seeliger won! Or should I say, we all won. Or maybe I should not say that, because election rules are pretty clear on allowing only one winner. Saying "we won" is silly, because we didn't do anything. Hello, sports fans.

    Every race has winners and losers, but the sour-grapes vibe in this Kennebec Journal article on Seeliger's win is something special. According to reporter Randy Billings, Seeliger won despite facing an opponent with "an ideal pedigree" who "unlike Seeliger" is a member of the Parent Teacher Organization and has children in the school district. Randy, Randy, we get it. Seeliger says she was "pleasantly surprised" by her own win, but the story dips slightly from "Hey, can you believe this?" to "Seriously, can you believe this? No, you cannot believe this, because this is unbelievable."

    But maybe Billings' article rubbed me the wrong way because he managed to confuse me, Dan Poppy, with a newly-elected U.S. Congressman and Santa impersonator named Kerry Bentivolio

    Seeliger's hobby certainly intrigued Comedy Central, which highlighted her candidacy online as part of its "One of a Kind Candidates" series.

    Writer Kerry Bentivolio [sic] described Seeliger as eloquent and a class act in her post on Aug. 23 but joked that it took only 15 seconds to find a YouTube video of Seeliger dancing.

    Bentivolio [sic] provided a link to Seeliger, whose stage name is "Holly D'anger," dancing at Geno's, a popular dive bar in downtown Portland.

    Hmph! Apparently all Santa impersonators look alike to you people. Or maybe bylines work differently in Maine?

    At any rate, I–Dan Poppy, not Kerry Bentivolio–got in touch with Seeliger to ask about her victory, and she told me she attributed her success in part to hand-painted signs and the 3,500 cards she distributed. She did not, repeat not, attribute her success to those videos I found of her sexy burlesque routine, but political science says they probably didn't hurt.

    Kerry Bentivolio could not be reached for comment, because I saw no reason to involve him.

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