• 5 Funniest Presidential Ads of 2012 [VIDEO]

    We've looked over the 5 Funniest Congressional Ads of 2012 and the 5 Funniest Local Campaign Ads of 2012, but who among us can resist the urge to revisit the fact that Herman Cain actually ran for president?

    Best Trolling of Social Conservatives

    Campaign: Obama for America
    The Ad: "Lena Dunham: Your First Time." Compared casting a ballot to losing one's virginity.  Considering it took 3 hours instead of 30 seconds to cast a ballot in Florida, this turned out to be very, very far from the truth.


    Best Ron Paul Ad

    Campaign: Ron Paul Presidential Campaign Committee
    The Ad: "Big Dog." If Spike TV and CSPAN had a child, then abandoned this child to be raised by The Man Show, that child would grow up to be this insane ad.


    Best Meta-Criticism of the Campaign Process

    Campaign: Obama for America
    The Ad: "Big Bird." Barack Obama, in another campaign ad: "Sometimes politics can seem very small." Obama campaign team: "Let's do an ad about Big Bird."


    Best Anti-Smoking PSA

    Someone disabled embedding for this ad, so you'll have to watch it on YouTube. That's probably the only thing stopping this ad from becoming the Most Embedded Video (For Purposes of Laughing At, Not With) Of All Time.

    Campaign: Friends of Herman Cain
    The Ad: "Now is the time for action." On the surface it's a Cain for President advertisement. Beneath the surface the message reads: Kids, if you smoke, you too will end up making a cameo in an ad for the most ridiculed of failed presidential candidates. Don't do it.


    The Have Pity on Rick Perry Award of 2012

    Campaign: Rick Perry for President
    The Ad:  "Rick Perry Forgets Line Again!" He ran a relentlessly reactionary and homophobic campaign, but at least he knew exactly how much he sucked.

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