• Tea Party Officially Boycotting Reality

    Medical science is still unclear on whether it's possible to overdose from schadenfreude and liberal smugness, so supporters of Barack Obama should think carefully before reading about the latest Tea Party hope for electing Mitt Romney.

    Obamacare does not cover the artery-splitting joy produced at the sight of people who think Romney still has a shot at this thing

    A state senator from north-central Idaho is touting a scheme that’s been circulating on tea party blogs, calling for states that supported Mitt Romney to refuse to participate in the Electoral College in a move backers believe would change the election result.

    Sen. Sheryl Nuxoll, R-Cottonwood, sent an article out on Twitter headed, "A 'last chance' to have Mitt Romney as President in January (it's still not too late)."

    Nuxoll isn't alone…

    The "idea" — originated in a Judson Phillips WorldNetDaily post — is to deny Obama an Electoral College quorum by asking that at least one third of electors not participate in the voting. The only problem with this scheme: There's no such thing as an Electoral College quorum. The College never actually meets as one — the electors gather in state capitals and forward their ballots to the House of Representatives for counting.

    It may be surprising that people who claim to worship the Constitution would make such an elementary mistake, until you realize the first rule of adoring the Constitution is that you must never, ever read it.

    In fact, this episode reveals that boycotting the Electoral College is a good first step, but obviously not enough. If only all of reality could be boycotted, Bo Obama would be making room for Rafalca at the White House by now.

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