• David Axelrod's Mustache Is Stepping Down

    It's difficult to overstate the enormity the White House's upcoming loss, but President Barack Obama will be losing one of his greatest strategists and advisors next Friday, December 7th.

    I speak, of course, of the facial hair that currently resides upon David Axelrod's upper lip

    Last month, Earlier Axelrod said he would shave if one of [MSNBC's Joe] Scarborough's election predictions came true: That Republican Mitt Romney would carry either Pennsylvania, Michigan or Minnesota. Obama won all three.

    Axelrod also said he would submit to a shave if Scarborough and co-host Mika Brzezinski raised more than $1 million for Axelrod's charity, Citizens United for Research in Epilepsy — and they did.

    No word yet whether the mustache will be replaced with a Van Dyke style beard or, perhaps, some thick mutton chop sideburns. Or maybe just a face full of unkempt stubble. Really we're all just speculating at this point. All we really do know is that whatever form of facial hair takes up the gauntlet from the iconic mustache will have some pretty big shoes to fill.

    David Axelrod — the mustache's host — is also stepping out of the political arena to begin working with the University of Chicago for whatever that's worth.

    Photo by Doug Mills/AFP/Getty Images

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