• Support for Marijuana Legalization at All Time High

    If this new poll is to be believed, then more Americans favor legalizing marijuana than ever before

    Support for marijuana legalization has edged up recently and is now tied with the opposition, according to a CBS poll released Friday — the first time since that survey started keeping track of the issue.

    Forty-seven percent support legalization, and forty-seven percent oppose it, according to a CBS News poll. Support for legalizing pot crept up slightly from 45 percent in September, the poll found.

    I don't know about you, but I don't buy it. I don't care what this poll says. I find it incredibly difficult to imagine that 146,448,200 red-blooded patriotic Americans are in favor of taking these marijuana drugs and injecting its pot dust into their veins so that they can "get off" and "feel groovy."

    Hey, I'm young! I'm hep! I realize that kids like to get free love while going on their marijuana trips. But that's a phase. All of these 146 million people who support legalization are eventually going to grow out of it. Unless they become jazz saxophonists. But, let's be realistic here, how many job openings for jazz saxophonists have you seen recently? Everybody else is going to go out and get one of the many high-paying factory jobs available to them, and they'll go back to drinking beer or taking prescription drugs like our Founding Father intended.

    Mark my words. This is a phase. It'll pass. Just like bell bottoms did.

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