• Mitt Romney Deals With Life After Loss

    Mitt Romney silhouetteA lesser man than Mitt Romney would be devastated by having his lifelong ambition crushed by something as arbitrary as the majority will of American voters. Somehow, someways Romney has been able to pick up the pieces and readjust to life as a regular multi-millionaire living in La Jolla, California and Wolfeboro, New Hampshire.

    He's been spotted doing rich-guy things ("driving a new black Audi Q7, a luxury sport-utility") and decidedly middle-class guy things, like taking his family to Disneyland and ordering Thanksgiving dinner "from Boston Market, the home-style restaurant chain, because there were too many kids running around the house to bother with cooking a feast."

    Amid all that, Romney has even jump started the nanotechnology sector of the American economy

    Gone are the minute-by-minute schedules and the swarm of Secret Service agents. There's no aide to make his peanut-butter-and-honey sandwiches. Romney hangs around the house, sometimes alone, pecking away at his iPad and e-mailing his CEO buddies who have been swooping in and out of La Jolla to visit.

    However sympathetic the post-campaign Romney may be, it's impossible to read that sentence without hearing the strings of the world's smallest violin.

    Photo by Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty Images

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