• Obama Twitter Shorthand Explained

    In his speeches, President Obama usually takes the time he needs to make his point, even if that means talking long after people stop paying attention. "Look," he'll say, followed by a whole bunch of other words, many of them multi-syllabic.

    Obviously, it's a style not well-suited for Twitter.

    This afternoon, during a Twitter-based Q&A about his tax plan, the president proved equally adept at shorthand, abbreviations and Internet slang. This newfangled lingo can get real confusing real fast, so I thought it'd be a good idea to help the online community understand Obama's advanced Twitter technique…

    The hashtag #my2K has nothing to do with the fiscal cliff. This is his new nickname for Kim Kardashian.

    Many assumed the "Thx" in this tweet means "Thanks." It's actually a promotional tweet for the THX corporation. As a Star Wars nerd, President Obama is always going to plug a company developed by George Lucas.

    President Obama rooting for "da bears" is not in reference to his beloved Chicago Bears. It's supposed to be read as "D.A. bears," as in district attorney bears. Obama doesn't discriminate: just because someone is a woodland animal, it doesn't mean they're not qualified to be a district attorney. Greatness can come from anywhere.
    Initially, I believed "impt." was an abbreviation for "important," but if middle class families were truly important, Obama's first term would have included a complete overhaul of our entire economic system. After coming to that realization, I now believe the "t" is a typo and he meant to write "imp" as in The Imp, the character from Game of Thrones, played by the wonderful Peter Dinklage.

    R&D is President Obama's favorite new role-playing game, Rungeons and Dragons.

    Even though no shorthand is used here, many still incorrectly assumed President Obama was complimenting @dontbeaprat's dyed hair. In fact, this is just a poorly-delivered burn. What he's trying to say is that cuts in revenue are bad for growth, jut like her hair. Her hair is so bad, it would halt economic growth.

    Personally, I don't think it's appropriate for the president of the United States to insult random young women. That's Rush Limbaugh's job.

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